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Off My Back


I'll tell ya man
Some people just don't know
What the fuck they're talking about
Don't listen to nobody
Do what you wanna do
Do what you think It's best for you
And screw them

I don't care what you say
For as long as I can breath
I'll keep on drifting away
Life is too short
I'll live it to the max
And I will do it my way

I gotta go because I've got better things to do
I want you to know I don't give a damn about you
You criticiza, you crucify, you like to preach
What you don't know is that I'm far beyond your reach

Look in the mirror brother, tell me what you see
You're face to face with your worst enemy
I don't need your dirt mind games, your hypocrisy
I know where I stand, I live by my own policy

Don't try to tell me what to say and how to act
You'd better mind your business, learn how to respect
Your words mean nothing to me, nor your judging eyes
Our world is full of lies, full of sick minds

My lefe is mine and not yours, will you let me be
You see, what's good for you might not be good for me
I won't waste my time with people that refuse to see
Nothing will hold me back, I've chosen to be free

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