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Forever Militant

Walls of Jericho

Once again I face this world
Broken and bruised again
I have walked through the gates of hell
And we've only just begun
Came up short let it slip through my finger
Till I hated who I saw in the mirror
Lost all hope for the shit I let linger
Bore down to break my shoulders

Love these scares because I earned them on my terms
All the cuts and scraps and the deep burns
I walk proud every corner that I turn, stand up
And break the barriers
Again on my own I walk alone
Time is now. Wipe this shit off my shoulders

My minds set getting stronger and stronger
I won't stop till this city is burning
These flames light my journey
Stare right though the enemy in my way
I'm already seeing signs of a brighter day
Take that step in getting stronger in my fight
Victory is all I see in my sights

Forward infinite. Keep the past distant
Forever militant
We build walls to keep everybody out
We build walls to stop all the pain
We build walls to keep our self-suffering
We build walls. Tear down these fucking walls

Hold on to the passion that you have left
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