Hit N' Run

Christian Walz

2.3, that is me
I long for flowers
in a beautiful scene
I've been kind,
doing all your commands
I've be running insane,
and then on it again

You press the buttons and feel
like you're in danger
But what is that, it's me,
who's risking my life
You change the level,
now I've become a ranger
This life ain't funny
'cause the game goes on like...

Hit n' Run (game goes on like)
Hit n' Run (game goes on like)
Hit n' Run reload your gun

Hit n' Run...

"Rise and shine" all the time,
but not like you, who have
the choice everyday
I run fast, as fast as I can
So come on find a shortcut...
or let your friend play!

You change my weapon
now I'm a terminator
This scene is funny,
I swim till I drown
I hope I'll find my princess
sooner or later...
But she's at level 10
so until then I'll...

Hit n' Run...

Game goes on like this
game goes on like that
game goes on like this and that
Like that!

Hit n' Run...
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