Back To School Again


The pressure builds up all year long
But I'll try and stick it out
Just one more day

My teachers and my parents
They never let up - they're always on my case
Just one more day

The homework I get sometimes is way too much
So I'll copy off my friends
Just one more day

The friends I've made - I'll never forget
When I need help - they push me on
Just one more day

I open my eyes to another day
I know what's ahead and I want to stay in bed
I haven't studied for my test and all my homework is a mess
Back to school again

Down by the lockers at lunch time
That's where we'll be my friends and I
Planning our weekends - hooking up dates
Till the lunch bell rings
Then we know it's back to school again

The things I learn in my school
Math, science, and all the rules
Seem stupid now - but I'll get good grades
Instead of blowing my summer away
Back to school again

You - must never give up
You - must always push on
You - must have the will to succeed
You - must not fall victim to the dropout disease

I've made it through another day
Kept out of determination - and that's okay
I wonder what tomorrow will bring
Will I cut school or bring my homework in

No one believes in me
I have faith in myself now
I know I can do it
No problem
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