Off the Hook

Watley Jody

f/ Rakim

[Jody Watley]
One for the treble,
Two for the bass,
Come on Rakim, let's rock this place

Here's the deal mama, me and you in the bahama
Begin the saga, I massage your persona
I got to have it, until it's automatic
Become a fanatic, until your aura is organic
It's more than my mystic when we come from here
Put my cheek on your cheek, and my tongue in your ear
Set the tone one touch is all it took
When I get busy disconnect the phone off the hook

[Jody Watley]
Unlike my past relations,
You were into more than friendly dating,
Didn't have no time for games,
Just state your claims
And I feel just the same way about you,
Started out with just one touch,
But I never knew I'd get good of it kissing, hugging you love to hear,


Off the hook is unexplainable,
Your love is off the hook,
It's so unattainable,
Between us this fire, desire inside your love is off the hook

[Jody Watley]
Oh it really turns me on,
How my man so sensitive and warm,
Knows what I want to me,
But give it to me and I'll do just the same for my man,
Started out with just one touch,
But I never knew I'd get good of it kissing, hugging you love to hear,

Chorus: (1x)

Jody Watley and [Rakim]
Never been so happy,(what's up, say word)
For your love is off the hook, (yeah, yeah, Rakim Allah baby)
Oh, crazy insane I lose my cool, (uh, go ahead Jody)
Your loving, kissing, hugging, your love is ( what, word, uh,)

Check it out, my love it ambitious, and not to grant you wishes
Hold your hands, give you hugs, and romance and kisses
Each glance is delicious, any stance is precious
Even sweat pants and slippers, while you doing the dishes
?? its shook, when you show off and cook
We're forced to look, yo baby you off the hook
Checking your measurements, it's precious and delicate
Highly intelligent, it's elegant elements
We've been friends for awhile now, I'm on the prowl
I know your style now, So I'ma make a bow
I put my charm on her, The Don Warner
I put the magic wand on her, and drop the bomb on her
Tender touches, now I lust for lady lucious
Show her what crazy love is, until the blood rushes
Step to my P.I., see why, cause she fly
J-O-D-Y, W-A-T-L-E-Y

Chorus: (3x)

Word up, It's off the hook baby,
Rakim Allah and Jody Watley,
On the remix side my man D-Dot baby, lacing it up for '98,
Battle tune coming through your living room soon,
My man Bill Blass

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