Think It Over


You say you wanna see the city lights
Cause they shine so bright
And they're calling you, ohhh
Before you go, you need to know
I won't stand in your way
But I want you to stay.

I remember those summer nights
When I held you tight
And it felt so right
I thought what we had would never end,
And now you're leaving

Baby, think it over, think it over
Before you walk away
Baby, think it over, think it over
Before you turn the page
I want you to stay

You say you're going to be a star
But to me you are and I never would ask you to change
I really want you to chase your dreams
But the pain it leaves is just so hard on me


Stay till the morning comes
I wanna change your mind
One last chance for you to see what you're leaving behind

Chorus x2
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