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Beyond The Ninth Wave


My spirit snaps, despair engulfs
Like a bloody brooch, my shame is borne.
When weakness called, i opened the door
Betraying all (that) i once held so dear.
Honour denied, i still cannot believe
Banishment invoked, cast out to sea

Beyond the ninth wave
Cast adrift, exiled soul.
Beyond the ninth wave
Stripped of honour, stripped of clan.

Broken lands, macha betrayed
My clan and my kin, they all bear my shame

I give up my life to the god of the sea
Mannanan mc lir my fate lies with thee
Depart on the tide (as) banishment beckons
Trice three years in torment i face.
Darkest of days, stalking my stride,
Resultant fall, all consuming pride.

Great deeds, i now seek.
Focus supreme.
Redemption i crave,
Mortality engaged.

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