Wayne Kramer

The partisans not the artisans
Are doing their dirty show
But I ripped my pants
Doing some dance
That I learned in France
And they think there aint nothin to know.

Used, abused
Locked up, beaten and fined
But I got free
Copped a plea
And I can see
That there aint no freedom bell gonna chime
This time.

Truth and love are my law and worship
Form and conscience my manifestation and guide
Nature and peace are my shelter and companion
Order is my attitude
Beauty and perfection
Are my attack.

False faces
Fast company
A night of thrills
With no jealousy, no poison.

Nobodys tool
Will be a public fool
To manipulate the masses
Who lie and cheat
And eat their meat While the rest all clean their glasses
In status classes.
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