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Wayne Wonder

Wayne Wonder
Verse 1:
I'm in a factory working
Hustling on the side
See the informers lurching
Trying to break my stride
How you fi stap man hustling
Trying to swallow my pride
I gat picknee fi feed an a ooman a breed
An you nearly mek me loose my life

Muss Dead - Pussyhole you know we
Tempted - A pure shatta grow we
Hot lead - A fling out a street caw rudebwuoy mek up dem mind.

Repeat Chrous

Verse 2:
My baby mama's cheating
Am an unhappy guy
She an a next man sleeping
Giving away my pie
Nuff ting de gal do fi spite me
Still couldn't find out why
In a prison me day an a man tell me say
A me fren dem a tell pure lies


Repeat Verse 1

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