When Children Become Sidewalks

We Are The End

Pray for the life you will never
Live, as we suffer from decay and
Await all of our fates. in the
Hands of god we'll watch you
Crawl. were fucking in shallow
Graves hoping to realize do you,
Do you even feel alive? or is it
The common frustration to mistake
Self harm for a final solution to,
This world of empty hope. pills,
Razorblades and flesh can only
Fill the void for so long. cut an
Incision into the center of every
Fucked up and neglected soul.
Through the guise of the
Windows we have no reflections. we
Must learn to forget then that
Were surrounded by shadows. but
We'll refuse to wait,to wake in
The casket, to wonder where life
Begins and ends. so we must keep
Our bodies moving. far beyond
Cemeteries and dancefloors into a
World where pain and love are ment
To stop beating hearts and create
Depression or euphoria. but if we
Have no souls, and if there is no
Hope, we will be left all alone to
Learn to live as ghosts.
As the bridge between heaven and hell
Ceases to exist, we will keep on
Striving to understand our own
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