I Would Kill For The Atlantic

We Say Summer

Get up where you wanna get down
Come on girl, run those lips
I wanna hear a sound out of you
We're chanting, you're dancing
Around my mind, come on tell me now honestly
Are you there? (And willing yeah to gamble it all)
Are you scared? (You know you should be)
Cause we haven't even started
And already we've booked this song a place
On your ipod.

This shit's like murder she wrote only less of a joke
But my god I hope you're dead, well I'll solve
This mystery with a gun in my pocket and a hole
Right through your head.

Yeah you're cute when you scream
But those verses still dont mean a thing to me
Poetry is a dying breed and you're just using
The words that you see on the O.C.
We need to talk' but talk is cheap
You never get to the point and you keep
Draggin your feet. So I'll spare you the time
(What a penultimate line) this is
The final goodbye.
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