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Looking For A Home

Weeping Willows

Behind my smile there is a lot of pain
A forest fire of lust runs through my veins
My soul burns with a hunger for avenge
I'm better at making love than making friends

I claim to know the real thing from the fake
Cause I've already made the big mistake
But when she flutters back into my mind
I wave her off just like a buzzing fly

Ooooh, I'm just looking for a home
Ooooh, I'm just looking for a home

Watch me as I mingle in the bar
I'm searching for a girl who'll scratch my scars.
A little bit of me is more than much
I'm like a junkie hooked on human touch

I've learned to walk through life unsatisfied
I've learned to stow away the hurt inside
I'm like a spider clinging to a reed
Cause I don't get the things I really need


I hope one day big love comes tumbling down
Well if it won't I know where I am bound
The grovel road of love seems mighty long
And hell is here on earth when you're alone


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