To Lose You

Mary Wells

To lose you would be like losing the air i breathe
Would be like losing the flowers in May
The light of the day
I don't think i could find my way if i should lose you
It would be like losing my very soul
You're the only one I'll ever hold dear to my heart
Please don't let us part
But baby, if you keep foolin' 'round with every girl in town
I'm gonna have to put you down

I'm gonna have to lose you before you make me lose my mind
I'm gonna have to leave you behind
I'm tired of you cheatin' and lyin'
I'm tired of bein' blue and cryin'
At first, you know, I had to choose you
But now I'm gonna have to lose you


(Repeat previous verse)

(Repeat and fade)

I'm gonna have to lose you
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