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The Day Of The Humans Is Gone

Wendy O. Williams

You're goin' down fast, you're way outta time
And for you the sun won't shine
You missed the boat while you beat your meat
I'm going to break your mind
Out of the gutter and into the streets
The day of the humans is gone
We'll laugh and sing while we chew on your bones
And for you we sing this song:

Rejoice rejoice
Raise your voices high
Rejoice rejoice
Everyone will die
[Wendy] Dissipate your flaccid light
Snuff your candle out
Feeding on your energy
That's what we're all about

We've lived in your cells for millions of years
We thank you for the ride
But parasites turn into rulers
And now we're coming outside
We change our form, we mutate at will
We're the best that can be found
We know how to survive, we lie and kill
We've got our program down
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