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Whisky David

I had a little dog, long time ago
The only friend I ever had
Just a little little, shaggy dog
It wasn't really bad

I used to take him out with me
Everywhere I went - Now to the pumping well
And when I find out walking, a motor hit him
And I had the nerve

He used to wake me up
Everyday with his beady eyes
And his feet stretching at my face
Telling me it was time to rise

Out into the street, over to the park
Where he could run and play
But now it's all over cause the motor
Hit him and took him away

Charly my little friend
Charly my little dog
Charly, Charly my only friend

Charly he'd watch you all nights
Charly don't you love daddy
Charly, Charly my only friend

Charly, my little dog
Charly, my little friend
Charly, the only friend i ever had

Charly my little dog - he wasn't really bad... no... no...
And now he's gone, that`s why I feel so very sad, sad!
He used to wake me up every day...
With his beady eyes and his feet...
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