1. 1

    White Karyn - Superwoman

  2. 2

    White Karyn - Nobody But My Baby

  3. 3

    White Karyn - Beside You

  4. 4

    White Karyn - Can I Stay With You

  5. 5

    White Karyn - Do Unto Me

  6. 6

    White Karyn - Family Man

  7. 7

    White Karyn - Here Comes The Pain Again

  8. 8

    White Karyn - Hungah

  9. 9

    White Karyn - I'd Rather Be Alone

  10. 10

    White Karyn - One Minute

  11. 11

    White Karyn - Romantic

  12. 12

    White Karyn - Secret Rendezvous

  13. 13

    White Karyn - Slow Down

  14. 14

    White Karyn - Tell Me Tomorrow

  15. 15

    White Karyn - The Way You Love

  16. 16

    White Karyn - Thinkin' Bout Love

  17. 17

    White Karyn - Walkin' The Dog

  18. 18

    White Karyn - Way I Feel About You

Beside You

White Karyn

Like a star in the sky
That shines so bright
You guide me, I'm content to be beside you
Yet I'm free as a bird
That can fly so high
You guide me, I'm content to be beside you

Not in front or behind you
But beside to remind you
That we both need one another oh yeah
Just to lean and depend on For to cry and rely on totally
Beside you is where I will be

Through the storm of your life
Some will love you and cast you aside
But not me, I'm content to be
Beside you

Everyday and every way
For you, baby you, you you
Just for one minute, for one hour
Baby can't you see
I will always be beside you

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