Short Version

Wild Flag

Inside this stillness is a wave
A force from which we won't be saved
We shimmy in the light
We shake it in the day
But moonless nights
Seem to find us anyway
We're future ghosts without a grave

Inside this heaven is a hell
Beneath this fever we are well
We twitch in the glory
We twirl in the grace
Ache to defy, outlast, be remade
Saviors with nothing left to save

If you want to thrill us
Stop staring with your little frown
When the feeling comes
You gotta throw your weary body down
Come and take a picture of the witch
She's gonna seal your fate
All the things you learn
You learn a little too late

If you want to live
Stop staring with your camera eye
When the feeling comes
You know it's gonna pass you by
Get level with the devil
'cause you know that he digs your sin
It's all gonna end
So we'll just begin again
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