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William Hung

I think I know your heart now
Those tears that you shed behind me..
As you were watching me cry and laugh in another love

Your eyes that were honset to others
I was the only one who didnt know
Maybe thats because that was how comfortable you were to me

I wont cry, just like you were
I will protect my love in you
As I only look at you

*be my lover I love you
kiss me darling erase my sadness
The only one person to protect my side
I only need you
be my lover Just like now
show me darling with just one love
We will be beautiful lovers to everyone who sees
now and forever

Promise me, a love without farewells
With your breath that I know
If its you, I know you will value you

Im sorry and forgive me,
Me who looked to far places
Now I wont ever let you go
Even if you regret it

repeat *
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