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    Winans Ce Ce - Alabaster Box

  2. 2

    Winans Ce Ce - Alone In The Presence

  3. 3

    Winans Ce Ce - Everytime

  4. 4

    Winans Ce Ce - For Love Alone

  5. 5

    Winans Ce Ce - Holdin On

  6. 6

    Winans Ce Ce - It Wasn't Easy

  7. 7

    Winans Ce Ce - Just Come

Alabaster Box

Winans Ce Ce

The room grew still As she made her way to Jesus She stumbled through the tears That make her blind She felt such pain Some spoke in anger Heard folks whisper There's no place here for her kind Still on she came Through the shame that flushed her face Until at last she knelt before his feet And though she spoke no words Everything she said was heard As she poured her love for the master From her box of Alabaster Chorus And I've come to pour My praise on Him like oil From Mary's Alabaster Box Don't be angry if I wash His feet with my tears And I dry them with my hair You weren't there the night He found me You did not feel what I felt When He wrapped His loving arms around me And you don't know the cost Of the oil in my Alabaster box I can't forget the way life used to be I was a prisoner to the sin that had me bound And I spent my days Poured my life without measure Into a little treasure box I thought I found Until the day when Jesus came to me And healed my soul with the wonder of His touch So now I'm giving back to Him All the praise He's worthy of I've been forgiven and that's why I love Him so much Chorus

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