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Book of Dreams


Slide and slick as a serpent
Unique and mysterious
A danger for the mind
The greatest gift you'll find

Cursed and long forgotten
Lost and left to die
Cast aside from your kind
A poison in my eyes

Silence divides the way
Of fire and flesh empire
Father watcher, ancient eye
Disciple of the night

Of fading lights and shinning darkness
We dance and spin
This fragile light you spread away
Like tired wings

I walk alone born of shadows
Heart has turned to stone
I walk alone in the shadows
My heart is made of stone

A lightning breaks the mist
Embraces the future life
With empty hands of hope
The saddest way to die
Slave of tyrant dreams
A walker of endless skies
Soulless shade of salvation
And this silence never dies

I walk alone
Dark soul
I never die
Lost dogs
I've learned the lie

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