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A Story To Tell

Woe, Is Me

Let's go!

No one ever said this life would come easy,
For god's sake you just have to believe me.
I will go until the floor breaks beneath me,
So place your bets, this shit won't be easy.

Why believe all the shit they said?
This isn't over until i'm fucking dead.
So i'll let you keep your fame,
While we all still stay the same.

And you don't have the backbone
That everyone believes you do;
So go ahead and talk your shit,
I'll give you a reason to.
How does it feel to think so highly of yourself?

And it's like they always say, that the past will find you.
'cause karma is a bitch, it only comes back to remind you.
And after all of this time, you'll be put in your place,
I just hope that i'm around to see the look on your face.
Cause you see the one main difference between you and me
Is that, in this world where nothing comes for free
I know what the fuck i'm fighting for.
Bring your war.
Cause i think it's time that we settle the score
And while you're gonna tell me what the hell it takes,
To turn someone that
I love into someone that i hate.

So before you make that bright mistake
Of standing up for a two faced snake,
I hope you learn by the words in the song
That it's been us here for you all along.

Say whatever you need to say,
But make sure you choose your words well;
And if you suddenly find yourself speechless,
I'll give you a story to tell.

I've gone through hell and back to prove myself
And put your words to shame;
And by the time that this is all said and done,
You may not understand
But you'll sure as hell remember our name.
Say whatever you need to say,
But make sure you choose your words well.
You don't have the backbone that everyone believes you do,
So talk your shit
I'll give you a reason to.
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