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Child Of The Sun


Too much emotion from the girl from paradise
Don't think twice
Like 'james', i've never been, but it sure looks nice
Under the bridge now where the girl with no name
A suicide i'll never know her never know who's to blame

I stare at the tail lights of the truck ahead and wonder i'm going under.
Dreams of paradise i never know
But it sure feels nice, sure feels nice
I'm dancing in the west wind as the sun up in the sky

Says goodbye and the colours like laughter
In a heart that will never die, love from the right place
Lights a star up in the night and as it's shining
That's the right time, that's the right time

And it's yours and mine, oh yeh!
And it's burning forever, yours and mine

Oh yeh! and it joins us together
Yours and mine oh yeh! and it joins us together
Yours and mine oh yeh!

Life's living just a moment and then another one
Make it easy, ya not alone, when it's love ya living on
Overseas highway, highway number one
Could take you home, but i'm never home

When the day is done, but i just might find
Oh yeh! that it could join us together
Yours and mine, oh yeh! and it's burning forever

And it's all yours, it's all mine
The darkest night, the brightest sunshine
It's all yours, it's all mine

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