Touch The Sky


1.Where´s the smile gone
that made me smiling too?
Where´s the time gone
that showed me that you love me too?
Where´s the sun gone
bringing light into my day
and showing me moments
of a new way life can be?

Come on girl just try,
you can touch the sky,
you can learn to fly and the stars will be your guide.
Close your eyes and try,
you can touch the sky;
even miles away you'll see together you and me.

2.If we believin
there´s a way to do a dry
so call out my name and everytime
let me by your side
there´s on your morning
bringing light into the day
and showing you moments
how you or your life could be


Everytime (everytime)
when i see you shine
i know you will bring they all together
Everytime (evreytime)
when i see your smile
even if you for a wake
you won´t be by them


together you and me
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