Me And You

Wood Brenton

Me and you
Lets get away, from it all
Me and you
Having a ball

You know we've been together a long time
And you know what we can get a lil light weight thing going
If we really put our hearts to it
If you try and I try, girl, there's no telling how far we can go
Remember those lovin' fools Romeo and Juliet?
They thought they had a thing goin', but they just didn't know
They couldn't visualize, they had no idea how it could really be, but we know

Me and you
Let's get away
Me and you
Having a ball (oh, yeah)

Yes Lord, we know, don't we, darlin'?
We won't be wasting our time fustin' and fightin' like other people
We're gonna be too busy being in love
This is the real thing, we found the groove
We move each other, we turn each other on
This could last forever, all we need to do is give some kind of sign, yes, Lord
And from then on, baby, it's easy, let's talk about me and you

Me and you
Let's get away
Me and you

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