A House Or Maybe A Boat

Hawksley Workman

I think I will find some wood and build a house or maybe a boat
I dont know
Just a place to call my own
So you'll come back and bring some wine
There'll be a roof outside all night
But I have never been so good with a hammer and nails
So patience baby Christmas may be miles away
But as today I should be done
So bring your kisses and a cartin of clementines
To go with the wine
And well keep the rind
Cuz the smell is just right at christmas time
And then we'll join our voices there but nothing you dismay
Remember Christ the Savoir was born on Christmas day
So come lets invite both our families
To sing while the piano accompanies tonight
Don't worry 'bout the dishes come inside me dear
We'll kiss for the rest of the yearr if thats alright
And I think I might find some wood and build a house
Or maybe a boat
I dont know
Together... together... together we'll float...
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