All Imperfect Love Song

World's End Girlfriend

When you open the window, a side of the silver world is there.
It's stifling
Silver and white and silver
The only thing-with-a-function you can be interested is dissociation and *this*
It's truly sad when the poison circulates
Even now I'm about to start crying, I can't set my eyes on you
You are becoming not you
The poison circulates
You are becoming not you

Those trademark ways of saying hello that you like - you'll forget them completely
at breakfast, my sister pretends to be Tinker Bell,
You have to respond by pretending to be Peter Pan
But unfortunately you're becoming not you
It's very grating and suddenly my sister disappears
The breakfast the stove vanish
Not a single thing can be as it was until then
You're becoming not you
Completely regardless of whether you enjoy it or not, you're swiftly becoming not you
And becoming lighter and lighter
becoming lighter and lighter and lighter
Force the present away from ignorance

"Girlfriend" at the end of the world
You aren't there, you aren't there, you aren't there
Tonight, in my dream again
You are like a... with no memories
Like that... with no memories
No one will come, no one will come, no one will come no one will come...
If you can make it here, smile
To the original world...

If you can make it here, smile
Smile, smile, smile, smile
Things from a little while ago, all gradually forgotten
Irreplaceable things gradually vanish

A great snow plain
If you fail at north pole diving
Your life inevitably withers
Want to dance anyway
We are
We are

We are
shall we dance tonight?
shall we dance tonight?
shall we dance tonight?
shall we dance tonight?
shall we dance tonight?
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