Nicole Wray

C'mon, make it hot
Ooh ooh [x2]
Let me know, let me know
What you want, what you want

[Verse One: Nicole]
The curiosity, baby it's killing me
Cause I can tell that you're interested, I
Can sense that you're feeling me
Your actions mean more to me, than
Words you are too shy to say
To my friends behind your back, baby
Won't you say it to my face

If you wanna be with me
And you got a thing for me
Don't you walk away from me
Don't you be afraid of me
If you wanna roll with me
C'mon and roll with me

[Verse Two: Nicole]
Intensity, made me sweat a brother majorly, I
Was sure it was you, you that was paging me
All the seven days of the week
But you got a case of butterflies, baby
I wonder why
Heard you say, "I'm so fly" (I'm so fly)
Let's hook up on later tonight


If you really want me baby
Let me know
Let me know, what you want
What you looking for baby, out the door
Gotta go, gotta go

[Lil' Mo: Rap]
Yo I heard from a bird that you liked it hot
Could we meet at the spot
In the parking lot
I got my mama's car so don't go slow
It's 11:22, and at 12, I ghost, yo

[Dent: Rap]
Yo, slow it down lover, bout a half an ounce
I got 38 minutes just to make you bounce
So let's take a ride
You and I
Don't you let me pass you by
Here we go
Let 'em know
You don't even gotta watch

[Lil' Mo: Rap]
So whatcha say yo, you got the joes for me
Caught a glimpse of my Benz, now you roll with me
You wanna lay up in my ride, and get fly with me
In the driver's seat
You wanna shine with me

[Dent: Rap]
Damn right, I wanna shine, if I can shine with you
And you say you're getting yours, I gotta get mine too (uh huh)
It sounds good coming from a lady looking like you (say what, playa)
It's just the things we do

Wanna thing
Gotta thing
Don't you walk away
Don't you walk away
No no no no no
If you wanna roll, c'mon and roll with me
Baby baby yea

[Repeat CHORUS til fade]
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