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She's a Go Go Dancer


You stay all the night
Working at the club

My eyes pierce your body
Just to feel your blood

You look so lovely
With that brunette wig

And your green eyes
Are making me so big

Go-Go dancer, maybe my big sister (8X)

You ring at my door just to
Tell me how much you adore

To see my body
On dance floor

Shake your legs
Shake your breasts

Baby, I'm horny
Just to see the rest

Go-Go dancer, maybe my big sister (8X)

Listen to Jerry playing boogaloo
(Uhh, Ahhh)

Just to grab your hands
And dance with you
(Uhh, Ahhh)

The night falls and we go to bed
(Uhh, Ahhh)

You're my big sister
And I think I'm mad

Go-Go dancer, maybe my big sister (15X)
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