The tree shall be thorn in half, the bird shall be severd from the sky, the water shall turn red as death, the maggot shall seek the light, then within the heart of each, lies an icon of our destruction'
'Save your prayers, God is not here with us now, there is only the darkness here, and your death'
'The stygian world yawning blackly beyond. Trents eyes refused to close, he did not shriek, but the hideous unholy abominations shrieked for him, as in the same second he saw them spill and tumble upwards out of an enormous carrion black pit, choked with the gleaming white bones of countless unhallowed centuries. Trent turned back from the rip as the army of unspeakable figures, toiled by the glow of the bottomless pit, came pouring at him - towards our world.
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