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The Keep


Soldiers march across the holy lands
On a quest for mountain sanctuary
Warned by many, but few took heed
Ascending the frigid Alps
In search of salvation and God's treasures
Encased in this fortress of power
Unholy Beast with uncontrollable rage
A murderous spree, dismembering of men

The priest begged them leave
Defied, they die
Consuming temple of the firstborn
Christening coffin of man's last rite
Dwelling in the hidden ruin
Remnant armies flee crushed
By the reigns of insanity
Morale defeated, war rolls on

Revealing black, eyes of blood
Pale skin, figure of doom
In league with enemies of life's creation
Marauding butcher, sanctum's henchmen

Dead upon dead, the deed is almost done
Shards of disemboweled carcasses
Look upoin his face, bring down certain death
Nemesis of life, torment and killing
Holy man had warned of curse
Once again it has taken it's toll

Until the end there is only carnage and death!
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