2 Girls 1 Cup (the Fix 2)

Ya Boy

Smooth, type of nigga and im always thinkin money
Get money
Spendin money
That's what i do

And girl if you're into sex and diamond
Guess then im into you see you look real good
And im tryin to take it down baby girl, i ain't tryin to be rude

But one and enough, i like you and your friend, im tryin to go home with two
Patrone in my system, magnums in my pocket, i can fit them
Pussykiller, you lookin like a victim, she lookin back at me like nigga come and get some
Lick and stick and hit them, man im like r. kelly how i piss them
Aufff don't call and text them, naw i just spoil and then sex them
I give nicknames and then pet them, never stress me out, cuz i won't let them
Sprunged out is the way a nigga get them, everytime they see me's like the first time i met them

You like them chace and fetch them, i grab them bag and catch them
They don't let you fuck, but they let him, beat the pussy, teached you a lesson
Specially when pussy's being bad, it's the best pussy that a nigga ever had
Seven jeans, y.s.l bag, light brown eyes, hair done in the back
She love who i be, cause dem other dudes wack
Baby girl stacked, look at her rack, if baby was a stripper i'd throw her a stack
Call me dog, i'd be licking her cat
As long as that cat don't scratch, pussy like cookies, imma eat that batch
Lock that pussy, can't pick that latch, your friend naked, imma trying to make you match
Turn her into a lesbian, brought another girl, girl let's begin
Everybody watch, we can set a trend, open up wide girl let me in
Two girls and i made em friends, now we fucking on the sky like alien
She said dick so good she should pay for it
So i gave it to her and said pay me there
Going in deep like navymen, yours for the night girl take me there
Love the backstroke, hate to swim, but she said on top is her favourite

Im trying to knock some hoes, im feeling like a pornstar of on this patrone
Im trying to take a beautiful straight girl home, and turn her to a lesboo
I made her pop a pill, now baby girl it's on, them tights and heels got me ready to bone
Im trying to take a beautiful straight girl home, and turn her to a lesboo

Yea yea yea, i got 2 girls 1 cup
2 girls 1 cup
2 girls 1 cup
2 girls 1 cup
2 girls 1 cup
2 girls 1 cup
2 girls 1 cup
2 girls 1 cup

Feeling like a pimp, high as a blimp, opposite of left, girl let's go
Dress for easy access, lot of bad bitches, yall lookin at the best
After party let's do some drugs, so we got nothing to do with us
Let's have some fun, i got 2 girls 1 cup
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