Girl, Don't Be No Fool

Yo Yo

Excuse me
Due to the fact you spend sleepless nights in the company of no one
Holding on to a pillow, waiting for a phone call from your man
Saying he'll be late again
The question is:
Is he out there working to make himself a better brother?

[ Yo-Yo ]
Ah-ah, I tell you what it is:
Girl, you're gettin played like a sucker!

(Don't be)

This is for the men who like to dog women
And this is for the women who like to get dogged by men
And this is for Ice Cube and Jinx
Because those brothers know they some dogs

Here's a message to the ladies
Married, single and even the ones with babies
Listen to YoYo once again
As I conversate about ways of men
In your life, girl, keep an open mind
And you'll find a lie in each and every line
They say, "Hah, sure we're from the new school"
What I'm tryin to say is, girl, don't be no fool

(Don't be)
(Don't be) (3x)

(Stand up and fight
for your rights)

Girl, you're gettin played like a sucker
I know it's none of my business
But what the hell is this?
Lettin a guy get the best of you?
But here we go, YoYo is to the rescue
Cause you see, I'm more than a softie
I'm here to open your eyes, so you can smell the coffee
Guys ain't nothin but dirt
And they'll flirt with anything dressed in a mini-skirt
You know your man's cheatin while you're sleepin
He's leavin your side to start creepin
But you pretend like you don't see the man
I heard love is blind - but damn..
You can read it in brailles and still tell without a bright light
That somethin ain't right
You kow that he's sleepin with this girl and that girl
I even saw your man with a fat girl
But you know, two can play at that game
He's got another on the side, do the same
Bein in love is cool (true)
But I'ma tell you like this: girl, don't be no fool

(Don't be)
(Don't be) (3x)

(Stand up and fight
for your rights)

Hey Denise, girl, how you doin, how you - wait
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