She's All I Got

Young Steff

She's like a melody of my favorite song
Playing on the radio
When it comes on I see your face, yeah
Like I'm watching her on video
And in my heart she owns a space
That no one else can replace
No matter how far (far)
I wanna be where you are

[She wont turn around and use you and leave you out to dry?]
She won't ever make excuses
That's why we see eye to eye
I love her cause she's focused
And loves me how she's supposed
We don't tell what we share between us

She's all I got
Mmmm, she is all I got
Uhhh woaah
Shheee eeee is alllll I got
She is all I got

When I'm feeling all alone I call her phone to help me with the problems
You cant tell me she aint an angel cause she knows how to solve them
And I gotta let u know that im proud you and there aint no distance between us too
I know that god placed me here next to you (oohh)

Ohhhh mmm
Shes all I got
Woaah ohhh ohh all I got
All I got
Yeah all I got

Type the love u don't need security for (the perfect kind of ….. ?)
She always gives me love, I don't ever have to ask forr
She knows the spot
Ashamed im not
To say a few things about you
Your love is powerful
And it changed my live
And I owe it to you

She's all I got
She's all I got
She's all I got
She's all I got
She's everything
She's all I got
She's my world
She's all I got
She's all I got
I don't have nothing if I don't have her
She oohhh ohhhh all I got
Lalala lala mmmm
Nooo noo ohhh ohhh
Nooo oohhhhh woaahh
She's all I gotttttt …
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