Don't Fuck Wit' New Jersey

Young Zee

[Redman:] "Jersey's in the House" [x4]
[Young Zee:] "You lose fucking with New Jerse"

Straight out the ass, Zee got the nurse naked
The youngest in charge like Special Ed for record
Fuck the looks, who the one that cooks
And heat seek shit when I freak it like gooks
You heard me, don't fuck with New Jersey
Fuck around and cause a demolition derby
The Frank Niti I bomb New Jack City
And what's fucking with me and my chop 850
Raising suppose to represent my turf and
This New Jerse friend but work in on serpents
I stay low hump for blood
Similar to leech, and fill the whole beach with bleach
I think you whole cassettes been hacked
I be in cell block two banking with RBX
Most niggas sleep, come deep and get served
Fucking with my niggas from Jerse, New Jerse boy

Don't fuck with New Jersey [x8]
[Redman: scratch] "When I break it down from North NJ to Illtown"

"Hey bloodclot lick one shot for me"
Castrophe, master the bastard Zee
I got a whole lot of mess compressed in my chest
Leave damsells in distress if they don't smoke sess (I smoke weed)
Labels tell me no, say I'm very slow
That's how I flow to get the Pillsberry Dough
Yeah and now I'm shitting corn on records
Roll up on checkers in the big boy Lexus
Word to Popeye, got fired, but fuck it
I use to nut buckets on their chicken Mcnuggets
And now I got a deal and a gun, now I can take the money never have to run
FIRE! Zee set the world on FIRE
Tongue Elvira, swallow her saliva
When I take a blunt to the head
I need a brew, beef patty and some coco bread
Yeah, motherfuckers heard George Clinton
It's nothing but the dog in me bitch, no kitten
Representing, this just one third
Of all my niggas who that rocking from Jerse

Don't fuck with New Jersey [x8]
[Redman: scratch] "When I break it down from North NJ to Illtown"

And on tour that tough shit gots to walk
Cause I don't wanna talk when I come back with Newark
I'm signed so, I'm a wino on Vinyl
Pulling fine hoes even fuck the albinos
Zee the lone ranger, head honco
With blunts of fonto, and tato bitch in my Bronco
My shit's retarded by the way when I get Biz like the *MIZ+-A-R-K
I'm a fight a whole gang of whites
And get them for their loot and their Marlboro lights
And when my video slam on Ralph Mcdaniels
You'll get a sample of how I use crews for examples
I get props in advance
Lock up a land with my man and fuck up the twin Cam(ares)
From now on there's a gang of crews
That's gon lose, fucking with New Jerse

Don't fuck with New Jersey 8x
[Redman: scratch] "When I break it down from North NJ to Illtown"
Talking at the end...
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