Can't Be Saved

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Playboy on this bitch but he ain't playin' tho
Go, now I can't be saved
No matter what I do they say that I'm wrong
Everybody postin' shit that could put me in a cage
That shit so hurtful they gon' drag me 'til they see me go

When they bring up my name they gon' speak on the problems
How the fuck I'm gon' know that she lovin' somebody?
How the fuck you gon' say I'm beatin' on somebody?
'Fore I turned to that shit I'd step on somebody
I got money to make, I just gotta deposit
I'ma hop on a beat like a vet, I'ma ride it
Everything that you say it you know that I got it
I come from the streets, I'm not worried 'bout nobody
It's enough that I'm here by myself and you know how to touch me
Trust gon', thought you loved me
You postin' that shit so you really sayin' fuck me
Keep tellin' me shit like they tryna corrupt me
I ain't do not a thing, that's a regular problem
Everyday gettin' cussed out by my mama
Herpes in my blood and that shit got me cryin'
I really got feelings, you see without science
Somebody ain't real, I'ma cut my alliance
I been through this shit now they tryna rewind it
I bury my dirt now they tryna go find it
Confirm everything, they'll never confide it
While they focus on this and children out hear dyin'
But they say I promote it, they say I slang iron
They done said plenty shit, that was time after time
But I know what I know, motherfuck all the lies
I see I cannot change my time, what's left?
And I know they do not care, they gon' ride the wave (oh yeah)
And you see I do not care, gave her everything
Fuck everybody changed and fuck all these niggas ain't true to the game
Motherfuck what they on, shoot 'em all in their body
I'm only 18 and they talk like I'm 80
Never knew it'd be this, startin' to hate that I made it
I don't fuck with that ho, I don't care 'bout that baby
If you cheated you cheated, go fuck him again
On my soul if I could I'd kill him again
Nigga do what you want 'cause you never could win
All this money in my arm and I focused on friends
And they not a friend, if they let you do that and embarrass yourself
I won't say that I did it and perish myself
If I go back to jail that's 10 on my belt
You can't say that I don't 'cause you how that I felt
When it come down to you I don't care 'bout myself
When you given attention, you're killin' yourself
Stop respondin', play the hand that you're dealt
'Cause you know I feel like fuck 'em and I'm thuggin' for real
'Cause I know, if I fuck up my judge gon' touch me for real
So after tonight I ain't postin' nothin' else
Cherish my life with a plaque on the shelf
The love that I got, I'ma wait 'til it melt
Rather knock someone down before they'd help, bitch

Man fuck the media, how the fuck y'all keep slanderin' my name, I'm 18
Bitch I don't think I did nothin' that wrong
And shit if I did whoever ain't feelin' this shit, what it is nigga, what you want?
Bitch you know what I'm on nigga, pussy ass boy
Bitch you better go get some money ya heard me?
'Cause aye, the day shit something ever do happen to me I know what the fuck I did
I don't owe nobody shit, ya hear me?
But I don't understand how y'all could just steady run y'all mouth about one person
No matter how bad I try to do right they gon' blame me anyway
And guess what?
Bitch y'all can't play me how y'all played him, 'cause guess what?
For one you ain't gon' make me stress, for one, bitch, I'ma forever get shit off my chest
I ain't worried but nothin', that shit don't hurt me, ya heard me?
Bitch I got my own problems and I'm happy with who I am
I wouldn't have said what I said if I wasn't happy with who I am
Ya heard me? I accept myself before anybody do
Nigga fuck you, I don't know you anyway, you ain't grow up with me bitch
I ain't perfect, you ain't perfect
Bitch I'm acceptable to myself tho'
Ya hear me? And I know somebody'll love me before your dawg ass do, yeah
Fuck the media and fuck the shaderoom too, bitch, broke ass muthafucka, ho
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