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The Shredder

Your Sweet Uncertainty

I write these songs for you to sing
So just sit back and wait for me
It always comes around to this
Your fourth straight consecutive miss
It's getting old, you're getting stale

So if you're lonely again
You better watch out my little friend
You better learn to make it last
You better run, it goes on fast
That's why you're lonely again

Well don't fold now, let's take a stand
And focus on the fault at hand
Take a step back, how the west was won
Took all momma gave and you left it all at home
Take a step back, how the west was won
Well you loaned me, then sold me
Then sent me on my own

Postponed the world aside for you
Tattooed a lifetime deja vu
You're getting old, and I won't fail


(Chorus 3x)
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