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    Youth Asylum - Color Blind

  2. 2

    Youth Asylum - Color Everywhere

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    Youth Asylum - It'll Be Alright

  4. 4

    Youth Asylum - Jasmin

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    Youth Asylum - Little Johnny

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    Youth Asylum - One Choice

  7. 7

    Youth Asylum - When I See You Smile

Color Blind

Youth Asylum

I saw a china doll with porcelin skin
I knew she'd shake the world I grew up in
But all that talk ranks no different you see
'Cause my heart only knows a color of you and me

North, south, east, or west
We dont have any difference

Color blind
Erase the color lines
Color Blind
Free your mind
Color Blind
Her lips are my sunshine
And you know I'm gonna make her mine

There's nothing wrong with the sheer in her eyes
They looked at me and got me so hypnotized
Why he's here to spread the message of love
Our sisters of the world are looking good to us

North, south, east, or west
We don't have any difference

[Chorus x2]

She's all I need
She ain't no fantasy
She's a reality
Between you and me

[Chorus x2]

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