Black Tuesday

Yuppie Pricks

Monday was fine,
Sippin' champagne and wine,
Tuesday was bad,
Lost all i had,
Wednesday was cursed,
Thursday was worse,
There's no bouncin' back,
From stock heart attack.

I climbed up to the top,
Knew i couldn't be stopped,
Oh, black tuesday,
It's good to be the cream of the crop,
Yeah, the king of the stocks,
Oh, black tuesday
Step to the edge of the ledge,
Of my balcony,
Oh, black tuesday
Spread my arms and jump,
It was the end of me.

Did we just pretend?
Thought it'd never end,
All outta cash,
Snorted my stash,
Now i'm flat broke,
All outta coke,
How low i've sunk,
Just like a punk.
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