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The Streetlight

Yves Klein Blue

Lovely and loveless,
And lonely as the moon.
She sits at the bar that clips her wings,
And slips through the cracks of the room.
The rest are all preoccupied,
Just talking about this and that -
But just around the corner, sit right down,
'Cos everything's gonna be grand.

Oh a streetlight shines the brightest before morning,
Then fades away as the dawn becomes noon.
Oh and while all your trying's fine,
Your light is tinny and slight,
The sun's gonna rise and make a fool of you!

I'm sure you were a star once,
But now you're just a worthless as me!
But when you've been made up all of your life,
Is there anything that's underneath?
And maybe I'm the shallow one,
But I've got no reason to be fair -
So just around the corner, sit right down,
'Cos everyone's hanging out there.

So lovely and loveless,
I guess the story is true:
That you can kiss the boys and make 'em cry
But there's always someone meaner than you!
And the rest would not abstain from you
If you hadn't treated them so bad -
But just around the corner, sit right down,
'Cos everythings's gonna be grand.
Oh and everyone's gonna be glad.
Everything's gonna be…
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