Real Love To Me


(mel talking)
hey,are you looking at me?
cuz im lookin at ya too
yall sexi boy
with yar sexi attitude
ya cuz on this nite,
(on this nite)
we gon have alot of....
real love! ya love!
real love to me from you!
and i hope its reeeeaaal
(ya i hope its real)
cuz baby i cant live without you!!!
Ya as i stare at you across candlelight
(ohhhhh candlelight)
i begin to wonder
(wonder, wonder)
if what we have is truuuuuuuue
(bridge, chorus)
But you kiss me
(kiss me)
and love me
(love me)
so now i know...
(now i know)
that this is real,
real love to meeeeeeee!
real love to meeeeeeeee!
*love to me,
love to me,
love to me!
real love to meeeeeeeeeee!**
Ohhhhhhhh oooo ya-a-a
ummmmmmm yaaaa
Repeat chorus till fade
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