Buried Next To The King

Zombie Ghost Train

When I said I was going to Memphis I didn't mean today,
I meant in a couple of years when I pass away,
Lay me down 6 ft deep,
In Graceland's wall my soul will keep,
His mama's spot was meant for me,
Number one fan for eternity.

Too black for white folk,
Too white for black.
Royal crown redneck ain't lookin' back,
Pelvis shakin' stage quakin' girls runnin' riot
With Mr Black and Mr Moore,
Sun records stars.

Hellraisin' hillbilly delinquent,
Memphis mafia T.C.B.

People say they're pointless but I disagree,
Reno Brothers to Change of Habit,
All Oscar winners to me,
A black leather agenda was set in '68,
Didn't need no comeback,
The King was always great.

Hellraisin' hillbilly delinquent,
Memphis mafia T.C.B.

Bury me in rhinestones,
A casket full of white.
A Las Vegas body bag,
I've loved him all my life.
A Lansky's shirt and blue suede shoes,
That long black train is coming soon.
The lights go down in Memphis when
I have left the building.

Hellraisin' hillbilly delinquent,
Memphis mafia T.C.B.

Cause rock n' roll's disciple is wat I've been,
Bad impersonators are a sin,
The devil's music flows right through my veins,
I wanna be buried next to the king
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