Zombie Girl

She never had an education
She uses life as her vocation
Standing on ledges
Clinging to the edges
The world's a hard place to land on.

She has this one-way conversation
Trying to avoid a confrontation
Memories of the kind
That she'd rather leave behind
The world's a hard place to land on.

Refrain x2:
Life can be lonely
Life can be very sad
Life can be suffering you wish you never had.

She never had any affection
So she relates well to rejection
No stories wait discovery
Tears as best recovery
Never had a chance from the beginning.

She just sleeps all day
In her squally little slum
And takes little white pills
To make her body feel all numb.
And it's dark and dirty
And there's nothing left to eat
And in her heart
There's a feeling of defeat.

Smells of bus and fornication
And a bottle of cheat scent
Should she stick around
If this is all that life meant

Refrain x2


Open the door Rory!
Open the door!
Open the door!

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