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When I Refused


I used to have it all,
Now i'm in this underworld
Making use of the organization.
Get back, clean out the mind.
Obedience is limitless.
No need to submit.
I need this place right away.
Willing to change.
Willing to be adapted.
But all are under my sway.
An act with firm decision.
Then i'll die.

I used to have it all,
But i had to regress.
Doped to prevent assimilation.
Always harmonizing.
Blocking my senses.
So very persuasive.

I used to have it all.
A bit pretentious, maybe.
But i'm not in a cage
For the one i'm waiting for.
Making use of this disorder.
I'm catching up with you.
No need to bother, please.

Nor am i faking a smile.
Burned by your own fire.
Eventually they knew i was involved.
An uncompromised purpose.
It's a kind of hallucinogen.
Blocking my senses.
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