A Place Where Even Shadows Fall

A Current Affair

Without you I'm so wrapped up in the steps I never could take
And I won't let myself go through this over and over again
I've been asking myself what's my point in this
I'm here to let everyone know that I can make it on my own
These words are meaningless without a point of view
Unbiased from the truth
But you're not here
You say you're strong but your suffering heart is carrying on alone
Too heavy too far from escape
You'll learn to love the ones you hate
I won't fall down
Please god make me fall down
I've been running way too long
The air's far too cold to breath in
Face first feet last
I won't die
I feel like giving up cause it's been so long
I feel like giving up but I'm not that strong
The clock's ticking down
My time's running out
The second hand is slower than the time I did without
And I will wait for you to come around
Without you I am nothing
Now I'm nothing
I've been running way too long
And I can't make it on my own
I need your guidance to get home tonight
I've been here trying way too long
The life I've lead is so far wrong
And my time keeps ticking down
I cannot be the one you needed me to be
I can't live up to those higher standards
I swear I'm not the perfect one
I swear I'm not the perfect son
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