Life In An Hourglass

A Current Affair

Breathe in breathe out
That's what they said to me
She says with a smile
I look into your eyes and I see home
She's all he has left
She falls to the floor and time stands still
He kneels to her side
I can't breathe
Heart attack
Oh doctor
Wake up
This can't be real
Don't leave me baby no
Eyes rolled back and it's taking it's hold on you
Oh god I'm right here
Someone please do something
Close your eyes
Don't turn your back on me
I've never been as good as you to hold my head up high
Hold your breath
This won't hurt a bit
I am alone with everything and I'm on my own again
There's something missing deep inside of me

Wake me up
As my mind drifts away from my body I see myself toss and turn
And I can't be the one to wake myself up from the deepest sleep I'll ever know
Awake me from sleeping
Awake me up
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