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I Am

Abigail Williams

I oppose the light
I Am the bringer of storms and eternal fire
Into the night
I am the ruler of this mortal world
Under a pale night sky blood rains from above
Curdled and spoiled

I am the walker of ethereal worlds
Marked by the shadows
Eternally yours
Unblessed be
Behind the vastness of the sorrow
I see no traces of light through the silence of night
I am the earth

Shattered images
A grain of salt
What we once were, what we once lost,
Cursing the dawn of man to hell
Black candles burning
Darkness and death
Beyond the light of the sun
Make no mistake
I am God

Harvesting the ruin of another failed
The sign of evil, the path of the wolf
In the morning twilight, elemental wisdom
Of the weak, slit their throats to the spine

I am God
In the burning darkness, death and beyond
I am God
The center of the earth shall be my throne
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