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Melquiades (the Great Work)

Abigail Williams

Lost in something closest to true gnosis,
a sociopath�s neurosis born from hours spent scorned
and transposing messages intentionally skewed and bent
that have encoded why humanity has gone the way of the post script�
.after the experience, a daunting afterthought lingers, a tenacious sailor�s knot
tying up past and present moments
with the promise of a future
lying gagged and sedated on a polyester cot,,,,
pay attention to the golden spiral that dictates a certain degree of mind rot,
or mind not anything that comes closest
to knowledgeable or knowledge less true gnosis�..
that ever strived for second of superceding darkness
with its umbrella shaped harness
that efficiently prepares each and every one of us
for absolute nothingness.
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