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Heat of the Moment

After 7

There Comes a Time in Every Man's Life
You're Gonna Do Wrong
I Made a Mistake Girl..just Let Me..
Just Let Me Explain

I Can't Believe It
Although I Did It
I've Never Been That Kinda Man
I Must Admit It
I Wasn't With It
But You Were the Best I've Ever Had

Right Now I'm Going Thru Some Changes
I've Always Thought I Was
A Faithful Kind of Man
I Never Thought I Would Be Tempted
Baby You Licked My Lips
And I Said Right Now...right Now

In the Heat of the Moment**
Baby I Lost My Head. Lost My Mind
Didn't Know What to Do
In the Heat of the Moment
Baby I Fell in Lust With You

Now That I've Done It
Oh How I Want It
But I've Got to Be a Stronger Man
I Love My Lady
Can't Lose My Baby
Cause If She Knew
I'd Lose Everything I Have

Don't Want to Go Thru no More Changes
From Now On I Promise I Will Be a Better Man
But Here You Are Again Temptin'
Baby When You Lick My Lips. I Said
Right Now, Right Now

Repeat Chorus**2x

Baby Baby You've Got to Slow Down
From Now On I Promise I Will Be a Better Man
Now...now I Know That You Know
That We Can't Carry On Like This
Girl Stop...just Stop
Baby When You Kissed My Lips, I Said
Right Now...right Now

Repeat Chorus 3x
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