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Sara Smile

After 7

Verse 1

Baby Hair With a Womans Eyes and I Can Feel You Watching in the Night
All Alone in Me I'm Waiting For the Sunlight My Baby When I Feel Cold
You Warm Me and When I Feel That I Cant Go On You Come and Hold Me and Its You
And Me Forever Sara

Smile (Smile) Why Dont You Smile Awhile For Me Sara
Sara Smile Why Dont You Smile Awhile For Me Baby

Verse 2

If You Feel Like Leaving You Know You Can Go But Why Dont You Stay
Until Tomorrow If You Want to Be Free You Know All You Got to Do Is
Say So When You Feel Cold I Will Warm You Baby When You Feel You Cant Go
On I'll Hold You Its You and Me Forever Sara
Smile (Smile-ooh Girl) Smile For Me Baby When You Do Everythings Allright
Smile (Sara Baby Ooh) Smile Awhile Baby Everythings (Chorus)
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