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Sk8 Rock

Against All Authority

Don't try to understand it
The most destructive high
Shoots my nerves into the sky
Everybody's lookin' for something
I know just what I need
I'm addicted to the speed
Rent-A-Cops try to stop me - I wanna see you try
I just want to skate or die
Faster than lightning and out of sight
Like a demon in the night
I grab my skate and catch some air
I'm grinding my life away but I don't care
'Cause skating for me is more than a feeling
Run for cover - I hear somebody squealing
Stupid Rent-A-Pig, you try to make me stop
You better back off or I'll knock you off your block
I'm a prisoner of life
A slave to the grind
I slide into the future and leave my worries behind
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