When It Comes Down To You

Against All Authority

She stands, a target behind the counter and
She burns a little more with every encounter spit on again
And again 'till her eyes are bloodshot and now they're
Slowly sunkin' in "there's gotta be more to life than this"
She whispers under her breath as she pulls another
Double shift she's 21 a single mother of two
And this fuckin' dead end job barely buys enough
Food it's slowly killing me, i've gotta go cause i
Can feel my blood pumpin' like the stereo i've kept
It bottled up inside but now it's gonna blow. so...what
Are you gonna do when it comes to you 10 years of fuckin' fast food.
I've been shot at twice and always talked down to unappreciated,
Misunderstood overworked, underpaid dodging bullets in the hood
One thing i've learned is that this life's
Not for me i can never be a functional member of society
The only thing that's been keeping me sane is playing
These songs cause it eases the pain
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